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Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt named Best Frozen Yogurt!

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Why Zoyo Frozen Yogurt

The Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt franchise is an award winning business, being named “The Best Frozen Yogurt” for two years running!

What Makes a Zoyo Yogurt Franchise a Better Opportunity? It’s the Culture

Zoyo not only has the best variety of tasty and innovative frozen yogurt flavors, but also offers some of the healthiest yogurt products receiving the official “Live and Active Cultures” seal of approval from the National Yogurt Association.

Zoyo’s awesome lineup of tasty, healthy frozen yogurt flavors can help overcome lactose intolerance, aid in digestion of milk protein, assist the body in preventing and combating digestive tract infections – with four key live and active cultures, including: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus – and the potential that yogurt can help boost the immune system.

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Zoyo Frozen Yogurt Is Growing Quickly!

The Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt Franchise is available in many regions across the United States.